Top Emerging NLP Companies in India

Top Emerging NLP Companies in India

Top Emerging NLP Companies in India


Top Emerging NLP Companies in India

These days everyone needs their machines to talk, and the only way by which a computer can communicate is through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Take the case of Alexa, a conversational item by Amazon. An inquiry is passed to it by the mode of voice, and it can answer by a similar medium, i.e., voice.

The market situation of NLP is quite promising. The buzz of NLP in the market is increasing in an aggressive way which is expected to reach the mark of $ 16 billion by 2021 with the compound growth rate of 16 % yearly.

Market pioneers are currently creating NLP concentrated on Indian dialects, which is accompanied by assortment and numbering of information in Indian dialects alongside its English partners. For instance, adding Hindi to English parallel content for machine interpretation and literal interpretation purposes.

Learning bilingual embeddings with an emphasis on cross-lingual exchange, as well, is helping the Indian companies in building NLP models for low-resource dialects and can even be utilized for code blending tasks.

A variety of start-ups and companies have started investing in NLP. The scope of NLP is increasing in the nation and the future looks promising. Here are the top emerging companies in NLP: is one of the new well-known companies in India taking a shot at Indic NLP. creates speech analysis and assistant products for Indian dialects and other various dialects. utilizes advances like speech-to-text APIs, intent APIs, advanced speech investigation, AI-backed predictive model, and omnichannel feedback examination.

Currently, the organization offers languages like Indian English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Punjabi.’s services are utilized across businesses like telecom, banking, insurance, online business, travel, and media-OTT. is another major player in the NLP industry in India. It is an organization that leverages deep learning to enable natural chats around multiple situations. It helps users get a holistic understanding through advanced analytics dashboards.

It consists of multilingual virtual AI assistants which are fluent in spoken languages for a complete omnichannel experience. Their mission is to start making it possible for people to talk with their devices and interfaces the way they talk to another human and get things done.


Reverie tech

Reverie is an organization that delivers language as a service platform and contents structure their applications and gateways are delivered in different dialects continuously. The language localization by Reverie can perceive what a word implies in various contexts.

Reverie works with enterprises like chipset producers, consumer web, mobile brands, banks, financial organizations, governments, education, entertainment, and so on. It offers items like a multi-mode console – Swalekh, Language as a platform Service (LaaS), phonebook, schedule, language lock, and numerous others.


Braina AI assistant

Braina (Brain Artificial) is a wise individual personal assistant, natural language interface, automation, and voice recognition software for Windows PC. Braina is a multi-use AI software that permits you to interact with your PC utilizing voice commands in most of the dialects of the world. Braina additionally permits you to precisely change speech-to-text in more than 100 unique dialects of the world.

Braina’s artificial intelligence makes it beneficial for you to control your PC utilizing natural language commands and make your life simpler. Braina isn’t a Siri or Cortana clone for the computer but instead an incredibly personal and office productivity software. It isn’t much the same as a chatbot; its need is to be very practical and to help you in doing tasks.



DheeYantra uses AI, machine vision, and NLP for their products and services. These platforms support communication across various dialects. Their AI platform encourages organizations to operate utilizing eight distinctive Indian languages.

The organization has created chatbots and focuses on innovations like NLP, optical character recognition (OCR), and literal interpretation. By utilizing their APIs, nearly everything on a website, including things like brand names can be converted into different Indian dialects.

Supertext is a conversational enterprise empowering – Managing design and delivery, platform integrations, conversational intelligence, and research for their venture customers. Communication platforms combined with social media and messaging empower organizations to interact legitimately with buyers through automated chat systems also called chatbots. These A2P(Application 2 person) programs can be created and utilized for interacting with clients, automating sales, and client assistance. is a Bengaluru based Indian NLP startup venture established in 2015. creates conversational business bots that help with automating tasks like online payments and purchases.

Niki has constructed an application for 1.33 billion people with more than 19,500 dialects. It is a pioneer in conversational business space and is rehearsing a healthy AI-based fully automated conversational business bot. Niki has digitized numerous services for Indian language clients through its Indian language empowered application. is an AI-First SaaS business, which focuses on improving the client experience through intelligent voice discussions. They deliver two special items: VIVA (Virtual Intelligent Voice Assistant) and VASR (Vernacular Automated Speech Recognition).

It is a smart, multilingual platform that can help automate up to 80% of call center tasks. With 100,000+ hours of training information, VIVA has been designed to assist organizations with boosting client interaction and loyalty through a profound understanding of the client’s unique circumstance and mindset.

VASR empowers organizations to change audio to text by applying ground-breaking neural system models in a simple-to-use API. The API recognizes 10 Indian dialects to help the organization’s client base. VASR lays the framework of the conversational AI platform.


Mihup Communications

Mihup is powered by shrewd voice interfaces for any device or application. It can convey a human-like understanding of normally asked questions for huge, complex content areas. It is accessible as either an on-premise solution or a cloud-based service.

Mihup is based on Automatic Speech Recognition (Offline and Online) in Indian dialects with an AI framework for scale and reliability in natural language processing(NLP) and data recovery.

A variety of industries such as media and entertainment, electronics, IoT, retail and e-business, automobile, finance, and insurance are some of the industry’s sections that are profited by Mihup’s products.


RaGaVeRa Technologies

RaGaVeRa has significant expertise in speech recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text to Speech (TTS), machine interpretation, emotional speech integration, design recognition, and literal interpretation.

RaGaVeRa focuses on speech integration and OCR for Indic Languages. It offers types of services like online/offline handwriting analysis, Indic to Indic, and English to Indic interpretation and literal interpretation. This startup works across businesses like FinTech, AgriTech, and healthcare.

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